Who is Shane Waldron and what should Bears fans know about their new offensive coordinator?

And how different will the Bears' offense look next season?

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What Does Waldron's Hiring Mean For The QB Situation?

Not sure if you've heard, but the Bears are in a bit of a QB pickle. And there are certainly worse pickles to be in: not every team has the luxury of choosing between a talented-but-still-developing young leader and a generational prospect waiting to be taken first overall. When the Bears announced they were interviewing guys like Greg Roman and Kliff Kingsbury, people started speculating that their OC hire may be the best hint yet at what direction they're learning, QB-wise. Then they hired Waldron, who has experience coaching in offenses that both Fields and Williams have operated. So, back to the drawing board/reddit chain. If the Bears actually have made a decision about how they're going to approach the QB situation this offseason, they've done an admirable job hiding it from everyone outside of Halas Hall.


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