Why Caleb Williams will be in rare air with the Chicago Bears in 2024 

Caleb Williams is entering a situation that very few quarterbacks have had in the NFL before at the start of their careers.
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The Chicago Bears are not a typical team to get the number one overall pick, so this is not a typical situation for the number one overall pick to fall into. On top of that, Caleb Williams is not your typical number-one pick. This may set up for a dynamic rookie season. 

The Bears simply did not put Justin Fields in the same situation that they had set up for Caleb Williams. They gave Fields D.J. Moore in the last year with the team. With Williams, they added Keenan Allen and Rome Odunze to Moore. The line is better than it has looked in recent years on paper, the tight ends are deeper than ever, and they have a pass-catching back. 

This is not what a roster that just landed the number one overall pick looks like. Take a look at the situations that recent number one overall picks have landed into

The Chicago Bears put Caleb Williams in a better position than any other top pick

As you can see some of these names are notable, but they are either older or younger than when they were at their peaks. Allen is a bit older, and Oduze is a rookie, but the overall group is better than any of the corps that were listed. 

Anyone can have doubts about Caleb Williams in the long term. He may get exposed, he may come up short in big moments, we are about to find out. However, it is hard for anyone to be pessimistic about the chances Williams has to succeed as a rookie. Plenty of lesser quarterbacks could step into this arsenal of skill players and find ways to keep this team in games on offense. It will be exciting to see what Williams can do with such a strong supporting cast.