Why Chicago Bears decided to hire Chris Beatty 

Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears interviewed both Chris Beatty and Ike Hilliard to be their wide receivers coach before landing on Beatty. What are the biggest reasons that made the Chicago Bears hire Beatty ahead of Hilliard?

1. Chris Beatty has a connection with DJ Moore

Chris Beatty was the Maryland wide receivers coach in 2016 and 2017 when D.J. Moore was there. After Moore left, he was promoted to co-offensive coordinator and assistant head coach, probably because he was such a success with Moore.

The reality is that if Moore gives him a ringing endorsement, they should probably hire him. Moore is their best receiver, their leader of the offense, and one of the staples who will be here the longest. His input had to matter here. 

2. Chris Beatty was working with NFL receivers more recently 

Will Ike Hilliard has coached in the NFL; he did not start coaching until 2009 because of his playing career. Beatty was coaching back in 1998. Beatty also was in the NFL last year, whereas Hilliard was at Auburn last year. He was working with Mike Williams and Keenan Allen and worked up from college, while Hilliard started in the NFL and jumped down to college. 

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3. Chris Beatty has a history of developing wide receivers 

As noted, Beatty did have a long history in college despite being in the NFL more recently. Some names that he is associated with are Noel Devine and Tavon Austin at West Virginia, Jordan Matthews at Vanderbilt, Jared Abberderis and Alex Erikson at Wisconsin, DJ Moore at Maryland, and Jordan Addison at Pitt. The last two caused his ascension to the NFL. 

He has the development of receivers, the handling of NFL receivers, and the relationship with DJ Moore. This hiring makes sense for the Chicago Bears.