Why the Chicago Bears fan base shouldn't get starstruck this 2024 offseason

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Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears have a decision to make this offseason, and I hope it follows the same trend that Ryan Poles has shown us. First, let me eliminate some of the readers right now. If the Chicago Bears sit at the #1 pick and select Marvin Harrison Jr, then Ryan Poles should be fired. Well, maybe not that extreme, but I would wonder if someone replaced Poles with Pace.

The word team building has been thrown around too much for him to get cute now. Keep doing what you are doing, Poles. Everybody said the Chicago Bears should draft Jalen Carter. Character issues aside, Poles states that this is a team, and one player isn't going to fix everything. So why do that now?

Chicago Bears leadership shouldn't get thirsty

It's very well known that I am not a big Caleb Williams fan, but that isn't my reasoning to skip on him with the first overall selection. Again, he is one player. Granted, he is the most important position on the field, and if he hits, you hit big. The debate has been about Justin Fields or a generational talent at quarterback. Normally, I agree, but he isn't generational. Truthfully, Williams reminds me more of Kyler Murray than he does Pat Mahomes.

Either way, the argument shouldn't be about the quarterbacks. This is a simple math problem. Or better yet, this is a lottery ticket. You have been told that your numbers are very good and have a decent chance of winning some money. Or you can parlay that lottery ticket for more tickets that may or may not have similar odds—not following? Why not trade down again? Everybody on ESPN and the NFL Network believes the Bears should draft Williams or build the team for Fields.

No! The Bears should build the team for the Bears. That's it. Plain and simple. The Chicago Bears should trade down to four through 11. The draft haul should be the number one thing Ryan Poles dreams about. If he moves down to four and wants a QB, go for it. If he moves to 11 and is left with a weapon, then so be it.

The Chicago Bears don't have to pay Justin Fields today or tomorrow. This whole thing about not having another good quarterback draft every year is annoying. Sure, there are some years where Kenny Pickett is your top option. That is why you forecast. Either this draft class will be stacked with quarterback talent or split between this year and next. We know Jayden Daniels, Michael Pinex, Bo Nix, JJ McCarthy, and others are in this class.

Next year could be Carson Beck, Cameron Ward, Quinn Ewers, Jaxon Dart, and Shedeur Sanders. Don't get caught up in the thirst trap of a beautiful girl now because you don't think another one will come along later. The Chicago Bears have the opportunity to change the dynamics of the franchise by having multiple first-round draft picks for at least the next three draft classes if they play their cards correctly.

Next. One option for Ryan Poles during the 2024 NFL draft. One option for Ryan Poles during the 2024 NFL draft. dark

Selecting a player with the first overall selection doesn't overvalue the ability to have multiple first-round selections in multiple years. If Ryan Poles wants to become Ozzie Newsome, he will need as many swings as he can to continue building the roster. Besides. Why not have both things instead of just one?