Why Chicago Bears fans need to relax regarding Adam Schefter reports

Chicago Bears, Adam Schefter
Chicago Bears, Adam Schefter / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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Apparently, the top conversation at Radio Row, outside of the Super Bowl itself, was what will the Chicago Bears do with the top pick in the draft. Many analysts — especially in the national media — are attempting to report what the Bears will do in the 2024 NFL Draft. Trade reports are being given as far as what the Bears expect in return for the number one pick, what draft capital Justin Fields may return if he is traded, and so on. Even the top names in the industry — Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport — are putting their hats in the ring. The problem is, at this point in the year, nothing is truly concrete.

Here is the most recent piece of news that Adam Schefter reported. Even though I believe he is 100 percent correct, fans need to stop taking these reports as news. Ryan Poles and his staff run multiple offseason scenarios when doing their due diligence. They will run through multiple mock drafts, look at how the roster can be completed by pairing different free agents with different mock drafts, and also run through hypothetical trade scenarios to determine what trade capital can sway a decision. It is due diligence, not news. At least not news in the sense that anyone should think they are doing everything reported.

Let's not forget that Adam Schefter is reporting what he hears. Many times what he hears comes from other teams and what those teams "think" Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears might do. However, if there is one thing I know, Poles doesn't show his full hand.