Why Chicago Bears fans need to relax regarding Adam Schefter reports

Chicago Bears, Adam Schefter
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There will be "leaks" by teams, agents, and even "reporters" who don't have an actual source but make it seem like they do. I am by no means saying that Adam Schefter or the like are the "reporters" I am referring to, but it's easy to see that there are plenty of smokescreens that take place this time of year. All that guys like Rapoport and Schefter are reporting on right now is what they are hearing.

In fact, if you listen to most of these reports, it's all about hearing what other sources think the Bears would or should do. Outside of the above report — which I could have said myself without actual sources — none of them are reported as coming from inside the Bears organization.

"Do I think the Bears want to trade that No. 1 pick? No. Do I think they want to take Caleb Williams? I do."

Adam Schefter, ESPN Insider

Again, these reports are based on information coming from all sides. Do I think the Chicago Bears are going to draft Caleb Williams or Drake Maye with the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft? Yes. Do I have any inside sources that have direct confirmation from Ryan Poles or Ian Cunningham saying this is the direction they are going? No.

It's the same situation when Ian Rapoport makes comments like this...It's speculation based on what he's hearing from around the league.

This is no different than Adam Schefter tweeting the following and then as you can see from the fan response, everyone thinks what Schefter says is always an insider report. We need to stop doing that. Especially, as he also says this about the Commanders.

And more speculation from Adam Schefter regarding the Bears...

Adam Schefter is great at what he does. You should follow him, and Ian Rapoport. You should listen to what they say because they are very connected inside the NFL. What you shouldn't do is think everything they say is factual. For example, Adam Schefter was reporting during this time of year in 2021 that Aaron Rodgers would be traded. He wasn't. He reported that four quarterbacks would go in the first six picks of the draft. Only three were. In 2022, he was reporting that Teven Jenkins may be traded. Jenkins is still in a Bears uniform.


Once again, the point isn't that Adam Schefter (and others in the national media) is not accurate. It's more that fans need to stop hanging onto every one of these guys' opinions as concrete facts. We all have opinions and some of us have sources to share insider information. Listen to opinions as opinions and actual reports as facts and we will be better off. Until the news truly breaks, keep giving your own opinions and debate with others who may think differently (without being a troll) because that is one of the best aspects of sports. Bear Down!