Why Chicago Bears should sign an experienced third-string Quarterback in free agency 

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears appear to be set to draft their starting quarterback first overall in the 2024 NFL draft. The team already has Tyson Bagent locked down as the number two, which puts them in a great spot as far as roster building in concerned. They are going to be very cost-effective here. Still, the team will need to add a third quarterback. How will they go about it?

Should the Chicago Bears look for an experience veteran quarterback in free agency?

It is unlikely they draft two quarterbacks, and while they have shown that they can find quality play from a UDFA, they also may want to find experience from their third quarterback. The Bears are presumed to draft Caleb Williams, who has immense talent but can be a wild player who will need to settle down in the NFL.

Tyson Bagent can help, but this is a second-year player and a former UDFA. Williams has always been viewed as the better player, it will be hard for him to display many coachable moments, especially in a new offense. 

The Chicago Bears have two young players, both of them learning this offense for the first time. The smartest thing to do would be to make the third quarterback a veteran who has been in the NFL for a long time. He may not be a big-time starter, but he has interacted with them and has proven longevity in the NFL. The maturity in the room and the bridge from quarterbacks to coaches would be powerful. 

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A name like Brandon Allen from the San Francisco 49ers or Matt Barkley on the Buffalo Bills make sense as potential third-string quarterbacks who are free agents right now. That is the route the team should go, so do not be surprised if they sign a quarterback this offseason.