Will Chicago Bears lose David Montgomery once he hits free agency?

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With free agency just about three weeks away, the Chicago Bears and David Montgomery have not had much come out in terms of progress during contract negotiations. Deadlines spark action, and things can change quickly, but as we stand now it does seem as though Montgomery will test free agency.

Are the Chicago Bears close to losing David Montgomery in free agency

The usualy saying goes that a player hitting free agency means a player is gone. When you think about it, this makes sense. The team and the player had the entirety of his contract to work out a deal, and they have this period to work out a deal.

Once that does not happen, 31 other teams enter the market. If you cannot work out a deal when it is just you and him, the odds of that happening when 31 other teams are in the mix go down significantly.

However, in this particular case, the Chicago Bears may still have a chance. We have highlighted the landscape for running backs this offseason. It is a loaded free-agent group, but beyond that, the running back class is deep. There is one signature name, but the depth beyond that goes miles long.

So, teams are going to be hesitant to make big plays on running backs. David Montgomery could look at what the Chicago Bears are offering and think that is not in the right ball park.

Then, he may hear what other teams are offering and realize that the Bears' offer was not so bad after all. The flip side is the Bears could not land a guy they want, and up their price as well.

One thing that will certainly impact things is the surrounding talent, and who hits free agency. Reports have been strong that Saquon Barkley is unlikely to see free agency, and the Giants will bring him back. Similar reports say that the Cowboys will debate franchise tagging Tony Pollard. If these names do not make it to free agency, the odds of one team taking that swing on David Montgomery becomes more likely.

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There is a better chance that Montgomery tests the market and comes back due to his position and the situation surrounding the market. At the same time, once David Montgomery does hit free agency on March 15, you have to be realistic and assume that he will not come back.