Will future Chicago Bears quarterback Caleb Williams be on the cover of NCAA 25?

It seems like a real possibility.

UCLA v USC / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

There's no doubt USC quarterback Caleb Williams is the undisputed first-overall pick in this year's draft. This will make him the next starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears. The 2022 Heisman winner is arguably the best quarterback prospect to land in the Windy City since Jay Cutler.

Williams has already made history on the field. Can he make it off the field, as well?

EA Sports recently announced the iconic NCAA Football video game will be making a comeback after the gaming giant discontinued the popular series. NCAA 25 is set for a summer launch. The trailer looks amazing.

One of the most anticipated games in decades, the only game that can rival the hype for NCAA 25 is Grand Theft Auto VI. This is truly a special moment for football fans everywhere. Popular game modes like Road to Glory and Dynasty mode are officially back. Rest assured, many hours will be spent on this game.

With all the hype surrounding the new NCAA, one huge question remains unanswered: who will be the cover athlete? Caleb Williams seems like a front-runner.

Williams is an easy choice. He was a fun player to watch at USC. If this game came out a year ago, Williams--the reigning Heisman winner at the time--would most definitely be on the cover. Things are a little different now.

NFL Twitter has proposed putting the 10 best players from each season over the past 10 years on the cover (2013-2023).

Here's a look of what this cover would look like:

Williams is absent from this cover. If this dream scenario were to happen, Williams should make the cut, along with the other Heisman winners since the last NCAA came out.

Others have mentioned putting Alabama legend Nick Saban on the cover. The seven-time national champion just retired. You can't talk about college football without mentioning Saban. This one makes so much sense.

No one knows who will be on the cover of NCAA 25. It's a huge toss-up. EA should do the right thing and leave it up to the people. They should hold an election and let the players vote on who they want to be on the cover. This is the best-case scenario.

Another win for EA would be having two different covers. One with the 10 best players of the last 10 seasons. The other can be dedicated to Nick Saban, the GOAT. If the first situation happens, future Caleb Williams just might be on the cover.

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