4 wishes on the Chicago Bears Christmas list this year

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2. The Chicago Bears have to get the Jaylon Johnson deal done

A Christmas gift to all Chicago Bears fans would be life-changing money for Jaylon Johnson. The deal may not get done in the holiday season, but the hope is that the offseason negotiations go through without drama. At this point, the Bears are going to franchise tag Jaylon Johson. The question is, what happens after that?

To be honest, both sides would love to see a long-term get locked down. For the Bears, it can help them cap-wise, and for Johnson, it gives him security beyond this season just in case an injury were to occur. 

The question between the two will be the money. Johnson did not sign this offseason because he thought his play could make more money. It worked. Now, how much more did Johnson make, and will the Chicago Bears give in to the increase? Or look for a common middle ground? We can only hope that negotiations are smooth and easy and that both sides walk away happy with a long-term deal.