4 wishes on the Chicago Bears Christmas list this year

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1. Can the Chicago Bears not have quarterback drama for once?

The Chicago Bears need a new head coach. Whether they need a new quarterback or not is still up for debate, but the answer is probably yes. For Christmas, the Chicago Bears do not just need a quarterback, they need all of the quarterback madness to end. 

If they pick a quarterback first overall, they need to find a way to make this work. This is expected to be a great group of quarterbacks, and they can pick their favorite. They have to make it work. If they do trade down and build around Justin Fields, they have to go all-in. They have to build the offense around his skills, they have to extend him now, and they have to show that he is their guy. 

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The only thing we cannot have is the Chicago Bears sitting here a year from now, wondering what they have or what they can do at quarterback. For one year, that cannot happen, and that would be a great gift for Chicago Bears fans. Can Santa give them this gift?