Young Viking Fans Kick Jay Cutler

viking fan kids

Harrison Hart, Spencer WIlliams and Justin Hackman take their frustrations out on a Bears dummy dressed as Jay Cutler. Photo courtesy of Stacey Wescott, Chicago Tribune

Viking fans learn how to abuse Jay Cutler at a young age before the Bears Vikings game on Sunday.  This was nothing compared to the beating the Bears took once everyone got inside.   Funny how all these kids have Favre jerseys on.  What is it they say about “from the mouths of babes?”


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  • Rick

    You sure that isn’t the bears management kicking the bears fans??? I know I feel like it is.

  • Anony

    Pure class, Viking fan parents!

  • Cutler

    Nice favre jerseys…those kids are growing up to be gay for sure.

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  • B. Farve

    Cutler, your just mad that I kicked your ass….I thought you guys were suppose to win the divison this year?? Oh and by the way theres nothing gayer then going to a Kelly Clarkson Concert…are you sure don’t play for the other team?

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  • Dwarg

    In our defense I’m pretty sure these are some of the Packers fans that defected to the Vikings after we signed Favre. Notice they’re all wearing 4 jerseys. I’ve been seeing a lot more morbidly obese people staggering out of cars with Wisconsin plates at the dome on Sunday mornings.