LOWER THE BOOM – Tommie Harris: “They better keep Lovie”

lower_the_boom-1Tommie Harris has spoken, so listen up McCaskey family or Ted Phillips or Jerry Angelo or whoever purports to wield the power at Halas Hall and actually makes decisions about the future of the Chicago Bears.   Here are some precious gems that Harris provided from Vaughn McClure’s Chicago Tribune post-game wrap:

“Don’t blame it on Lovie,” Harris said. “It ain’t Lovie’s fault. You better check out the higher sources. Everybody needs to be held accountable. Don’t start pointing the blame. If we’re going to start cutting, we need to start cutting from the top to the bottom.

“Look at the track record. Look who we brought in to make this team better. Look at all our pieces. Go from the top to the bottom. Don’t throw anybody under the bus. If you messed up, you messed up.”

New York Giants v Chicago Bears
I guess that’s fair since Jerry Angelo took a shot at Tommie earlier this season.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he gives this insight:
“They better keep Lovie,” he said. “It’s a must because the next coach, he’s not going to have the respect that we have for Lovie. We don’t get in trouble. We come to work. Our record might not be the best, but we will get better.”

This coming from the douchebag that Lovie had to essentially suspend against the Bengals because he couldn’t bring himself to practice on a consistent basis?

This from the jackass who lacks the self-control to restrain himself from throwing a punch on the 4th play of the game against the Arizona Cardinals and getting himself kicked out of the game, letting down teammates and coaches alike?

This from the guy who finished the 2009 campaign with 24 tackles, 2.5 sacks and an INT? This is the same Tommie Harris whose 2009 Salary Cap number was in excess of $9 million???

Tommie – thanks for offering your take on the state of the Bears 2010 coaching situation. If I were you, I’d be more concerned about how to spend that next undeserved roster bonus you piece of trash!

Thanks for showing up in the last meaningless games when the outcomes didn’t matter. Where was the effort all season?

Regardless of who is holding the whistle and clipboard next season, I suggest you give him the respect that anyone would give their boss. Why? Because they sign your bloated, ridiculous fucking paycheck that most of us could never earn in a lifetime but you get for each pathetic excuse for a season asshole!


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  • DeCon

    uh, Boomer, can you tell us how you really feel about Tommie???

  • clif

    I think we clean house of a few players as well and get some draft pick. Lovie has allowed the players to run this team into the ground.

  • Toast

    Bravo Boomer. I like you are tired of the “Oh we will get better crap”. I also love how these palyers talk that we need to start at the “top”. and how we didnt bring in players to help this team. JA is guilty of some bad decisons most of witch are payiong the players he draft these huge contracts only to see then decline there after. That includes you TOMMY if you are right and JA can’t draft or find talent then you must be listed in his failures. Hopefully this organazation have the gut to do what needs to be done and get rid of Lovie and anyone who wants him to still be there coach. SO TOMMY DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YA IN THE ASS on the way out. Trade these over paid over hyped rejects for draft picks. I would rather watch a team that lose with heart than these bumbling idoits.
    I am turning 40 in 2 days and have been a Bears fan as long as i can remember. Besides work clothes I own nothing but Bears gear. I now live in NE and pay Direct TV to make sure I could always see my beloved Bears. If Lovie and staff are not fired I will have a hard time ponying up the cash to watch this uninspired team play again next year. I could go on and on but i think we get the point.
    I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore

  • Boomer

    Thanks Toast. That sad thing about the Tommie situation is that he’ll be back along with the rest of the clowns at Halas Hall. With so many other holes to fill, I just don’t see any way the Bears give him the boot.

    Keep the faith – things will get better. Cutler gave us a glimpse of what we could be over the last couple of games.

    BEAR DOWN!!!