12 Reasons Why the Seahawks Can't Win Sunday!

The pundits at ESPN have for the second week in a row come up with a list of  12 reasons why the Seahawks can continue their Cinderella run through the playoffs.  It is starting feel like the Bears are the Rodney Dangerfield of the sports world.  While, many of the experts may end up picking the Bears to win, all this anti-Bears hype continues to make me shake my head in disbelief.  The Bears are in a no win situation, not as far as the game is concerned, but from the standpoint of if when they beat the Seahawks, the media will criticize that they didn’t beat them by enough points and if they were to somehow lose tot he Seahawks, it will be because the Bears weren’t that good anyway.  <PAUSE>  Sorry, I needed that pause so I could stop typing and throw a double middle finger salute in the air…I am mad and I can’t take no more!!!  Here are 12 reasons the Seahawks can’t and won’t win Sunday…after the jump…

  1. These aren’t your Week 6 Bears or Seahawks - both teams started out the season 4-2; the Bears finished the season 7-3 and the Seahawks finished 3-7 in their last 10 games. 
  2. Lance Briggs – He of Shocker fame did not play in Week 6 and even Matt Hasselbeck acknowledged Briggsy is the one he needs to be most worried about this week.
  3. Julius Peppers is MAD – Highly touted rookie Russell Okung did a solid job on Pepp in Week 6; since then Okung’s ankles have gotten bad and Pepp is pissed off – not a good combo for the Seahawks.
  4. Pete Carroll has big balls – Coach Pete says he’s kicking the ball to Devin Hester this week…go ahead Pete, go ahead…
  5. Overrated Matthew? – Matt Hasselbeck was lights out against the Saints (or the Saints just played that poorly), but regardless, before last week’s 4 TD tosses, #8′s high for TD passes in a game this season was 2 and he only did that 3 times.  The chances of back to back games like last week are slim to none and slim just left the building.
  6. The Seahawks know how to lose – in their 9 losses this year, the Seahawks closest game was 15 points.  When these guys lose, they know how to lose!
  7. Mike Martz trusts his deuce-deuce – No, Martz isn’t packing heat, in this case, his deuce-deuce is number 22, Matt Forte.  In weeks 6 and 7, Forte got only 8 and 10 carries, respectively, then the Bears had their bye week.  Since that point, Forte has averaged 16 carries and 80 yards rushing.  Martz has learned to trust his running game and this will factor in huge Sunday.
  8. Some semblance of a line – In particular, the O-line…are they great?  Hardly.  Are they better than they were in Week 6?  110% better.  J’Marcus Webb was only in his second start that week and Mike Tice was still rearranging the deck chairs on the Titantic.  Since then, the Bears O-line has had continuity and has begun to, dare I say, jell as a unit.
  9. The Seahawks already won the Superbowl – by that I mean, the game last week versus the Saints was like a Superbowl for Seattle.  I was at the game and the emotion and energy put into that game, plus the long trip to a cold Soldier Field leads me to believe the Seahawks may have blown their wad early.
  10. The Bears are well rested - the flipside of # 9 above…while the Seahawks played their beaks off last week, the Bears rested and waited.
  11. The Saints put up 36 points on the Seahawks – I know this wasn’t quite enough points for the Saints, but if you don’t think Mad Scientist Martz is analyzing that film ad nauseum to see how they did that, you’re crazy…because as Bears fans know, there is no way on God’s green earth the Seahawks hang 41 points on the Bears…even half of the Saints points from last week should be enough for the Bears to win this week.
  12. The 12th Man doesn’t travel – As I stated previously, I was at the game in Seattle last week and the 12th Man, or simply, the fans at Qwest Field, are no joke.  That place is as loud and probably louder than any dome stadium I have been to and the crowd definitely has an impact on the game.  Fortunately for the Bears, the 12th Man will be firmly planted on his couch all over greater Western Washington.

CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done…

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  • makdawg


  • DeCon

    brilliant comment makdawg…

  • YourBaws

    Bears are going to take a beating this Sunday. I don’t care how bad the Chickenhawks are this year, when they play to win they win. End of story.

    • Mr. Pickles

      So they weren’t actually trying to win those other NINE games?

      • DeCon

        well said pickles! i live in seattle and i haven’t seen this dillusion from any of my friends here who are seahawks fans. these guys must be from “out of town.”

  • Bart

    The Seattle Chest-Thumping begins…..Seems as if the self-proclaimed earthquake ground-rumbling has unearthed some Seattle dregs that have been mindlessly attuned to a 7-9 football team, sorry 8-9, that will learn on Sunday why they didn’t belong in these playoffs to begin. Enjoy you NFC Worst Crown and your “Seattle Superbowl” Playoff win that was attributable to an underperforming, overconfident Saints team that lowered its standard and level of play misguidedly to an inferior team. Here’s a tip boys, drive out of your fog and down to Vegas, go to a betting window and say, “Bears -10.” Whether or not you wear those….lime-green “jerseys”….while you do it is up to you.

  • biju

    Shouldn’t the title of this be why they “won’t” win, not can’t? Seems a little presumptuous, at best.

    Anyway, to counter your points:

    1. These ARE your week 6 Seahawks. And by that I mean nobody expects them to win again so the pressure is off.

    2. The Seahawks played without Mebane. Never heard of him you say? That’s what we’re counting on.

    3. So Peppers couldn’t get up for a game because he was looking past a rookie? Good.

    4. Yep, keep thinking Carroll gave up his game plan before the game starts.

    5. Of *course* Hasselbeck isn’t going to put up 4 TDs again. But he has playoff experience where Cutler doesn’t and I think that’s seriously underrated.

    6. The Bears know how to lose too. They did it in week 6.

    7. If, and I mean if, the Seahawks can contain Forte, do you really think Cutler can *win* for you? I give him a good 60% chance, which is better than if Forte gets on a roll.

    8. It’s worth mentioning that while we’ve lost players on our D-line, they terrorized Brees on a 3 man rush consistently. It will be a great matchup on Sunday and probably dictate the outcome of the game.

    9. And by that you mean they have momentum. The same experts are calling for Seattle to get blown out so they have nothing to lose and the pressure is all on Chicago.

    10. The “bye week rest” is a myth. Look up how many teams actually win after their bye week. This is “supported” by Vegas to bring bets in but studies have shown it doesn’t have an empirical effect.

    11. If you’re comparing the Bears offense to the Saints offense and believing they are similar, I get why this article would make sense to you.

    12. We didn’t travel in week 6 either.

    Good luck at the game. I know you guys write these things to make yourself feel better, but just admit that you’re nervous about the game. As you said, the Seahawks and fans can feel good about last week’s win and have zero pressure. Watch the 3rd quarter of it and take a look at the Saints team crumble under the pressure of losing to a heavy underdog. Now picture Jay Cutler’s nonchalant attitude trying to lead a team from behind and you’ll see why we have a little confidence going into this game.

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  • Chicago Irish

    So the Seahawks are bring 3,000 pounds of “warm weather” gear with ‘em; including chicken broth and hot cider. Are you fucking kidding me?! I didn’t know the Seahawks played in the Lingerie League. But I guess that’s to be expected from a 3rd rate sports town whose last championship was a chick’s basketball team.

    Simply stated – BEARS WIND 31-17!!! You can take that to the window.

  • Chicago Irish

    Typo…should be BEARS WIN!! Sorry, been drinking already.

  • Jamal Mackinfold

    Which Seahawk fan wants to suck this big black cock? After talkin shit?

  • DeCon

    Yo…biju…what says you now??? all i hear are crickets…