The DeCon’s Week 6 Fantasy Picks


It was a bizarre week in the NFL and Fantasy World for me.  First of all, if you subscribed to my BOA picks last week, I apologize as I was proven wrong on all 3 picks.  Further evidence to the bizzare nature of the week that was week 5 in the NFL is that my fantasy football team, Ming’s Merciless beat Lower the Boom (I will let you guess whose team that is, but he is also a blogger on Bear Goggles) when I had 6 regular starters on a bye and had to fill in with my entire bench.  It was certainly unreal and perhaps put one more nail in the coffin of Lower the Boom’s season unless he makes some trades with me.

On to week 6…the Bears are back and I hope my GOOD picks are too…

Stone Tablet Locks – chisel these guys in stone as MUST PLAYS this week.

  1. Chad Ochocinco @ Houston – Chad has been a stud this year and coming off a big win to face the Texans at home, I expect a big day from Chad.  The Houston D has been giving up big plays in the passing game and they haven’t been getting to the QB regularly, so I expect 85 to benefit.
  2. Maurice Jones-Drew @ St. Louis – MJD sounded off big-time in the media this week about the Jags offense.  Perhaps he was trying to get a chip on his shoulder and dare Jack of the River (Del Rio) to put more burden on him.  Doesn’t hurt that they are playing the Lambs.  Count on MJD to get to paydirt at least 2x this week.
  3. Aaron Rodegrs vs Detroit – Do I really have to explain this one.  Fresh off a huge Monday night performance in a loss to the Viqueens, Rodgers has had 2 weeks to prepare for…the Lions???  No brainer.

DeCon’s Blessing – given to SLEEPERS to sneak in to grab you some big points.

  1. Marshawn Lynch @ NY Jets – The Dolphins proved you can run on the Jets D and Lynch proved last week that he is wrestling the carries away from F-Jax.  I don’t think the Bills have much of a chance to win, but I think Lynch will benefit from the majority of the positive plays from the Bills O.  Then maybe, I will make a believer out of Boomer!!!
  2. Jay Cutler @ Atlanta – Last time JC was under the bright lights of primetime in Week 1, things didn’t go so good (understatement of the year).  However since that time, he has thrown for 7 TDs and only 1 INT and completed 71% of his passes.  It is about time JC and the Bears O get some respect.
  3. Chris Johnson @ New England – CJ owners haven’t been thrilled lately with CJ’s performances and you have every right to feel that way, but something in the back of my head says Tenn is not dead yet, although the Priest is on standby for last rights.  That said, Tenn needs to get back to running the ball and especially this week to keep Brady and Co. off the field.

Bent Over the Altar – you MUST SIT these players because no one wants to be bent over the altar.

  1. Kyle Orton @ San Diego – While I love Ole Neckbeard and the story of the 2009 undefeated Broncos, I think the bright lights of Monday night on the road may bring Kyle back to earth.  SD is a desparate team and I think Chico Rivera will throw the kitchen sink at Kyle and Merriman will do worse things to Kyle than he allegedly did to Tila Tequila.
  2. Eli Manning @ New Orleans – Eli’s foot has me worried, but not as much as playing on the road in one of the loudest venues in the NFL.  Mind you I think the Giants can beat the Saints, but it won’t be on Eli’s arm.  They will need to ground and pound out a victory and keep Brees off the field, so I do not see big numbers coming from # 10.  That and the Saints D has only allowed 3 TDs in the air this season.
  3. Matt Ryan vs Bears– OK, Matty Ice, you screwed me over last week, but this week you will get yours.  Call me a homer (I have been called much worse), but I think the Bears D comes to play this week and with 2 weeks to prepare, Lovie will have the boys ready to bring some heat on Matty.

In Need of a Confession – Teams are ON A BYE and will be skipping services this week.

Cowboys, Colts, Dolphins, 49ers

How do you fill in the Pews this Week???

If you are missing your Cowboys RBs or Ronnie Brown, you might consider Mike Bell.  He is back this week and may steal some goal line carries from Pierre Thomas.   Marshawn Lynch (mentioned above) may still be someone you can grab.  Also, LeSean McCoy from the Eagles will likely get some extended work this week since the Eagles are playing the Raiders and this game should be over by the end of the 1st quarter.

For Manning owners out there, you may consider…GULP…David Garrard as he probably got dropped in a lot of leagues due to his piss poor performance against the SeaDucks.  They are playing the Lambs this week and Garrard should be safe this week.

If Reggie Wayne has been your stud WR and you need someone to fill in for this week, consider Jeremy Maclin who had a huge day last week and with the Raiders on the schedule, I say you can probably even play guys from the Eagles practice squad and score points.

Can I get an “Amen?”

The DeCon has spoken…so let it be written, so let it be done…

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