Bears Acquire Gaines Adams


Always a believer in building through the draft, Jerry Angelo must be turning over a new leaf after trading the Bears 2010 2nd round pick to Tampa Bay for DE Gaines Adams.  Adams was drafted 4th overall in the 2007 draft and has underwhelmed in the NFL to this point with only 13.5 sacks during his time in the NFL.  I am not sure what this trade signifies, but if Adams can produce a little, perhaps Adewale Ogunleye should hire a real estate agent since it could spell the end of the road in Chicago for #93 after this season.

I have even read some comments on the internet about this trade that some think this trade is the first step in the Bears landing Terrell Owens.  Could it be???  I think you all know my position on that idea, but stick with me on this…the theories out there would suggest that the Bills were eyeing the Bears 2010 2nd round pick for T.O. and that the Bears traded for Adams, so the best they could give would be a 3rd rounder, but since the Bears now have Adams, they could possibly deal Adewale and a lesser draft pick to get T.O…you got all that???  I really doubt that is what Jerry is thinking, but who knows…

In theory, I think this is a good deal IF and ONLY IF Rod Marinelli can get this kid back to being the player that warranted the #4 pick overall in 2007 since we will enter the 2010 draft again without a 1st or 2nd round draft pick.  Perhaps, Gaines Adams will be to us what Cedric Benson (I miss Ced and so does Boomer) is to the Bengals…a 4th overall selection that needed a change of scenery to get things going for their career.  If that is the case, then maybe this is not such a bad deal…for Jerry’s sake, I hope he knows what he is doing, because for the “Master Drafter,” he is emptying out the draft cupboards quite liberally these days.

We should get our first look at Adams on Sunday night in Atlanta.  Let’s hope for a good first impression.

UPDATE:  The Tribune’s Vaughn McClure is reporting that Adams will be inactive on Sunday.  Probably best not to rush.  Even though, in theory, he knows the Bears’ scheme, they would have to cut someone off the 53-man roster to activate him.

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