Jay Cutler and Lovie Smith address the media after Bears loss to Falcons (Video)


Jay Cutler pouted his way through another interview as he addressed the media after Sunday night’s loss to the Falcons.  At least that will be some of the Monday morning talk.  I get it – he’s pissed.  Probably at himself as much as anyone.  I can see all of the pundits breaking down his demeanor and calling him petulant and all that.   The fact of the matter is that Cutler and the Bears need to play a lot better.  That effort on Sunday night was pathetic.

I pulled this video from Comcast Sports Net Chicago.  The Cutler video is trimmed, but not by much, as I watched it live in the CSN postgame show.  Jay wasn’t exactly in a talkative mood after another prime time loss where he didn’t perform at his best.  As Lovie Smith alludes to, this was a team loss and it does start with him.  His team came in with 2 weeks to prepare and they looked like that?  Inexcusable.  Here’s the video: