The DeCon’s Week 10 Fantasy Football Picks


Week 10 is upon us and it is likely the trade deadline in your league.  As Pat and Dale used to say for the Blackhawks…”time for one more rush…”  If you are looking to make a trade, I hope to give you some tips into the art of the trade after my picks.  So without further adieu, on to the picks for this week and feel free to e-mail me if you have any last minute questions at  I appreciate the e-mails I have been getting and I hope my replies with advice have been equally well received.  Ok, so NOW, on with the picks…

Guys I Like this Week

  1. Devin Hester @ San Fran – Devin had a good week last week in terms of receptions and yards, but Olsen got all the TDs (I am sure glad I started Olsen).  Against the 24th ranked passing D in San Fran, I like Devin’s chances to be the beneficiary of at least 1 JC TD pass.
  2. Thomas Jones vs Jacksonville – J-Ville trots out the 22nd ranked D against the run and TJ no longer has to lose carries to Leon Washington.  Shonn Greene may steal some, but not before TJ gets a couple plunges…”How ’bout dem Jag-warz!!!”
  3. Ray Rice @ Cleveland – Even the Bears were able to run on Cleveland…the Ravens run the ball better and Rice is the bestest (I know bestest isn’t a word) of the bunch.  He was the Ravens best performer last week in a tough loss to the Bengals and he should be even better this week.
  4. Dewayne Bowe @ Oakland – With the Larry Johnson fiasco over, Bowe is one of the few weapons the Chiefs have on their roster.  I like him to have a big day and begin to re-emerge as a reliable starter this season.
  5. Randy Moss @ Indy – The Texans couldn’t figure out how to take advantage of a ravaged Indy secondary last week, but you can rest assured Belacheat will find a way to expose them.  Oh and Brady is getting his Mojo back, so the Colts could get their first L of the season. 

Guys I Don’t Like this Week

  1. Bears DST @ San Fran – Short of going all “Vernon Davis” on the Bears DST this week, it is really put up or shut up time.  Sadly, while I think Bears might win a high scoring game, those pesky points against might kill your fantasy team this week.  Bench the Bears DST and maybe knock some sense into them.
  2. Matt Hasselbeck @ Arizona – I think the Cardinals are for real and I think they get off the schnide at home this week and put Matthew in all kinds of pain.  Believe it or not, but the Seahawks O line may be worse than the Bears right now.
  3. Joseph Addai vs New England – I truly expect this to be a passing affair and not much of a running game for either team.  NE doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the QB and even the Bears have more sacks than they do, so Peyton will have lots of time and that doesn’t bode well for the running game…we all know, Peyton likes to throw!!!
  4. Vernon Davis vs Bears – Maybe San Fran will be able to move the ball, but I firmly expect to see someone plant this prima donna on his ASS on the first play from scrimmage and hopefully make him a non-factor…hey Tommy Harris, I mean #91, feel free to go and punch this guy, but just make sure you aren’t the only one who leaves the game this time!!!

Other Nuggets

The Texans and the Giants are on a bye this week for the last bye week of the season, so you probably aren’t hurting too much, expcept maybe “The Other” Steve SmithAndre Johnson and Matt Schaub owners.  Hopefully you can make due with what’s on your bench.  For those teams NOT missing any players, you may be able to parlay the last bye week with the pending playoffs and bubble teams and work the art of the trade…

The Art of the Trade

If you are sitting high on the hog, now is the time to take approach the teams on the bubble…especially if they are missing key players on a bye this week, like the ones mentioned above.  For example, if you have a team in you league sitting at 3-6, let’s call them Boomer’s Double D’s, that is 1 game out of the playoffs and missing Andre Johnson this week.  Now is the time to offer him some help so he can remain in the hunt this week.  Perhaps you throw him 3 players who commonly ride your pine and get Andre Johnson in return.  He is happy because he has a chance to live for another week and those 3 players might be able to start for his team and perhaps the 3 of them can outscore AJ.  So, why make the trade you ask???  Because these guys were on your bench for a reason and AJ will start for you the remainder of the season.  Sure you miss him this week, but if you are firmly entrenched to make the playoffs, a loss this week won’t hurt you too much.  You need to make trades on the come…look at weeks 14, 15 and 16 (Fantasy Playoff Weeks) and matchups for those weeks.  Maybe you have a stud RB or WR on your team, but they have poor matchups or your stud is a WR and he is playing in potentially crappy weather conditions that might not be conducive to the pass…move them now or regret it for the whole offseason.  Trades now are all about positioning for the playoffs whether you are already pretty much in or you you are on the bubble, getting in the playoffs is what matters, because that’s where the cash is.  Sure you might win some coin for winning a division, but that usually pales in comparison to the coin and the prestige of winning your fantasy football league…if you win, you will have the bragging rights against your friends, brothers, etc.  Please e-mail me if you have any trades you are considering making or are looking for angles on making trades.


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