Mike Martz Wants a Veteran QB, Josh McCown is a Veteran QB


The Bears wrapped up Rookie Minicamp and the biggest news that came out of it was offensive coordinator Mike Martz and his frank comments.  Among them was that the Bears need to get a veteran QB to back up Jay Cutler:

"“It would always help, that’s for sure,” Martz said when asked if he would prefer a quarterback he has worked with before. “It doesn’t have to be. A good player is a good player. It’s just harder for them to learn, basically. A veteran has been through several systems, usually, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Jon Kitna had been through a bunch of systems. It would give him a leg up and make it easier, especially if he joins us late, but a good player is a good player and we’ll make it work.”"

Many have speculated that Marc Bulger might be a good fit, but I think he’s got his sights set on trying to compete for a starting job.  Meanwhile, Josh McCown, another former Mike Martz pupil, is letting it known that he is ready to come in and accept a backup roll with the Bears.  This from ESPN Chicago’s Bears Blog:

"I understand right now there’s not anybody beating down my door to be a starter,” McCown told ESPNChicago.com. “So understanding that, where do you go to be in a great situation where you are a backup? For me, in Mike Martz’s offense and where I’m at in my career, I feel comfortable with [coming to Chicago]. The fact that Jay [Cutler] is there doesn’t affect me at all, and probably gets me more excited because you get to work with a guy that talented, and hopefully help the coaches get the best out of him.”The commitment they have to Jay, there’s nothing you can do coming in to get on the field. So for me, my motivation would be to come in and help him be the best he can be, but also get myself ready so if anything happens to Jay, I would be able to help the team win games.”"

I think the Bears definitely need to pick up a veteran backup.  That’s why the Dan LeFevour draft pick surprised me so much.  The Bears will go out of their way to tell you how much they like Caleb Hanie and how much they need a veteran.

At this point, assuming they nab a veteran like McCown or even a Bulger, who does the QB depth chart shape up?  Does that mean LeFevour is headed to the practice squad and if so, will he last on there without someone nabbing him?