Urlacher Goes Hollywood (TMZ Video)


Brian Urlacher was excused from the final day of Bears’ OTA’s to film a commercial for NBC’s Sunday Night Football with Faith Hill.  Not a bad way to spend a day at the office, right?  Reports also indicate that Url was on the set of “Entourage” to film a scene for the HBO hit show.  So Brian went all Hollywood on us.

Ashton Kutcher was all excited.  He got to have dinner with Urlacher.  Think he was excited?  Check out these tweets:

"Just had dinner with Brian Urlacher. Now I know what a 13 yr old girl feels like after meeting Justin Bieber."

And then…

"Btw it “feels like” there’s no reason we don’t win the division this year!!! #bears #nfcnorth"

So while he was out on the town, Brian headed out to the LA scene and of course TMZ was there, all over it.  I got an e-mail in my inbox this afternoon from TMZ and got excited.  I thought there might be some good juice, so I clicked the download button.  I tapped my fingers anxiously as the status bar crawled, 17%, 19%… Hurry!!! 98%, 99%!   It finally popped up on my screen and what to my wondering eyes did appear but this:

Warning: the images in this video may be completely lame. (Video courtesy of TMZ).

UPDATE: TMZ has pulled the video off YouTube.  I am working diligently to re-load.  Stay tuned.

RE-UPDATE: Hopefully it should be working now. (Fingers crossed).

After watching that pile of crap, I realized why TMZ e-mailed it out; they wouldn’t air that lame ass piece of crap themselves.  The cameraman does his best to try to coax something – ANYTHING – out of Urlacher, but he’s not biting.  They tried to goad him to fire on Vince Young for his latest troubles, but big Bri wasn’t having it.

Then they try to get him to rag on Steve Smith for his busted arm playing flag football, but Brian could barely muster a “tough sport.”

Finally, they try to get #54 to fire on his old buddy, division rival Brett Favre, but Urlacher just isn’t having it.

So here’s my question – why so lame Brian?  Can’t you play up for the TV cameras?  I miss this Brian Urlacher:

and this Urlacher:

Couldn’t he at least call someone a pussy?  Nothing?!?!  Where’s the fire and the passion?  A kinder, gentler Urlacher?  No comment?!?!  I guess he’s going to let his actions on the field do the talking!


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