Cedric Benson Arrested, Charged with Assault


The more things change, the more they stay the same.  One of my favorite targets has popped up on the Austin, TX blotter once again.  That’s right, when you put Austin, blotter and Chicago Bears together, you can only think of one person – Cedric Benson.

According to the report out of the Austin American-Statesman, Benson was involved in a May 30th dust-up at a local establishment:

"Former University of Texas football player Cedric Benson was arrested and charged with assault with injury early today after an incident last month at Annie’s West at 706 West Sixth Street, where officials said he punched a bar employee in the face.The 27-year-old current running back for the Cincinnati Bengals had been involved in an altercation at the establishment and was being escorted out when he punched an employee, according to an arrest affidavit.The affidavit said the May 30 incident began at 1:50 a.m. when a fight began between Benson and an unknown person inside the bar. Club staff separated them, at which time Benson shoved a manager “in an attempt to continue the fight he was previously engaged in,” the affidavit said.The affidavit said Benson spit blood from his injured lip at a bar employee.Workers then asked Benson several times to leave.“Benson refused, and was escorted out of the bar,” the affidavit said.Outside, the affidavit said employees tried to prevent him from going back in. At that point, he punched “with his right fist to the left side” of an employee’s face, causing the employee to stumble backwards."

All this while Benson is seeking a new contract.  What a shame if this hurts his chances of getting new paper.  Benson may have saved the Bungles a few bucks with this latest misstep with the law.

After Benson and the Bengals ran roughshod over the Bears last season, there were plenty of Bears fans who bemoaned the 2008 release of Benson following a pair of alcohol fueled incidents back in Texas.   Any change of opinion after this latest incident?

Benson is an ass-hat, plain and simple.  He is a piece of crap who stole millions from the Bears and never showed any motivation to succeed or live up to his lofty #4 overall draft status. Only after being released by the Bears and staring a McDonald’s application in the face did he get himself into shape and play like the #4 pick should.

I hope he gets to spend some time in the old gray bar motel.  Maybe that will set him straight.  Nah!