Looking at NFC North’s Top Running Backs

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The NFC North FanSided bloggers continue to build our All-NFC North team.  The QB search is well underway and some Packer fans must’ve had someone teach them how to read because Aaron Rodgers is out to a commanding lead.  Meanwhile, my colleague at The Viking Age is running a poll to determine the top TE.  Vote early and vote often – it’s the Chicago way!

Meanwhile, we’ll try to set the backfield here.  Our roster calls for two running backs and it’s a good thing because there are plenty to choose from in the Norris division.  I am going to say this through gritted teach, but I’m going to concede the #1 spot to Purple Jesus, Adrian Peterson.  Despite the severe case of fumblitis that AP suffers from, he is the most talented back in the division.  For our NFC North team, AP may need to get pulled late in a close ballgame so he doesn’t cough one up at a critical time, so this post will focus on choosing the #2 running back in the division.  Let’s check out the talent: