FanSided’s NFL Divisional Smackdown Voting is Underway


You’ve helped us pick the rosters, now it’s time to see the fruits of our collective labors.  The FanSided NFL Divisional Smackdown is underway!  It’s time to see which division really is the toughest in the NFL.

First up in the voting is the NFC East vs the NFC West and it seems like the better division there is pretty clear cut.  When the best QB your division can muster is Matt Hasselbeck, you’re in trouble NFC West.  Go check it out and see who the NFC North will face in the next round.

Over in the AFC, you’ve got the AFC East vs the AFC South.  Talk about a matchup of epic proportions.  The starting QB’s are Peyton Manning and Tom Brady while the tandem of Chris Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew take on Ronnie Brown.  That should give you a sense for the magnitude of the matchup just on the offensive side of the ball.

Go out and vote!  What else do you have to do??!?!?