Bears Fans – Time to Rock the Vote!


In case you’ve missed it, we at FanSided are trying to figure out which division is the toughest in football by picking the all star teams from each division and pitting them against each other in a winner-take-all cage match for league supremacy and world domination.  OK, maybe I exaggerated that last part, but bragging rights are at stake.

And speaking of bragging rights, the Bears aren’t faring too well in our voting, so I am calling out all Bears fans to go out and vote.  In most cases, my colleagues and I were able to reach a consensus but in other cases, we’re putting the power in the people’s hands.  Check out these posts:

Vote for the NFC North quarterback here at Bear Goggles On.

Vote for the NFC North tight end at the Viking Age.

Vote for the NFC North running back who rides shotgun with Adrian Peterson here at Bear Goggles On.

Vote for the NFC North defensive tackle to cheat run alongside Kevin Williams at the Side Lion Report.

The Packers blogger is lazy as fuck and doesn’t do shit, so there are no posts or polls worth checking out at his site.

Vote early and vote often!  It’s the Chicago Way!

Please re-tweet and Facebook this post so we can vote our guys in!  Tine to show some Bears pride!


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