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Bears Add Veteran Todd Collins to QB Mix


After Saturday night’s disappointing loss to the Oakland Raiders on Saturday, the Bears saw enough to go out and sign veteran quarterback Todd Collins to be Cutler’s backup.

Not sure if the 5 first-half sacks of Jay Cutler or the second-half performance of Dan LeFevour that served as the tipping point to have the Bears commit some guaranteed money, but Collins should be thankful that he waited to sign.  Maybe if he waited until after the Cardinals game this Saturday, he could get even more up-front cash?

Collins is set to report to Halas Hall for at least six figures and if he cracks the opening day roster, he could be getting something in the $1 million range.  It’s a good thing considering what life insurance costs these days.  Collins has some experience running the Martz offense, but you have to question his intelligence.  Did he watch the game on Saturday?  The dude is gonna get himself killed!

After Josh McCown turned down the Bears and with suggestions of Jeff George surfacing last week, Collins is about the best option out there.  It will be interesting to see how the roster shakes out with the addition of Collins.  It most likely means that last week’s addition Matt Gutierrez is headed out and Dan LeFevour is heading for the practice squad at best.

The last big question, unless Caleb Hanie gets stashed in the Bears broom closet (otherwise known as IR), is whether or not Collins surpasses Hanie on the depth chart as Jay Cutler’s primary backup.  Stay tuned to find out!