The DeCon’s Week 2 Fantasy Football Picks


Week 1 is in the books…full disclosure, I went 2-1 in my leagues.  The one blemish was a tough fought battle against our very own lead blogger, Boomer.  He had, MY GUY, Arian Foster, account for more than 1/3 of his scoring and my troops couldn’t pull out the W.  I crushed in my other 2 leagues and I even had Kevin Kolb starting on one of those teams.  I also made a trade, which I want your feedback on in the comments and in the poll below.

On to week 2…remember, it is only week 2 and it is no time to panic.  Half the teams in your league lost, so spend your time analyzing matchups and listening to the DeCon and you’ll get on the right side of the ledger for this week.  Some quick observations from Week 1:

  • Ryan Matthews will be fine.  Although he had a fumble, the kid looked good considering the conditions.  I expect big things from him this season and he should be a no-brainer starter.
  • Arian Foster is THAT GOOD.  Now he won’t rip off 200+ yards and 3 TDs every week, but for the Texans to FINALLY make the playoffs, they need to lean on him to open up things in the passing game.
  • My Superbowl pick, NJ Jets didn’t look so hot.  Their DST is incredible, but geez, that offense…my advice, ALWAYS start their DST, but bench their offensive starters if you have any other viable options until further notice.  I will have Shonn Greene firmly on my bench in 2 leagues.
  • Hakeem Nicks could blow up!  I know it was only the Panthers, but what a red zone target for Eli.  He is a little gimpy this week so keep an eye on his status up to gametime, which is a Sunday night game, so make sure to have a backup plan, but if he starts for the Giants, he should start for you.
  • The Bears D showed up for 3 quarters and 97.3% of the 4th quarter before the Calvin Johnson TD that wasn’t.  Big props Boys, now go turn Romo into NoMo!!!

Here are the guys I like and don’t like this week:


  1. Mark Clayton @ Oakland – 16 targets against a good D last week after only 3 days in the offense?  Imagine what he can do with a whole week to prepare vs the Raiders.  Go get him if he is still available.
  2. Ahmad Bradshaw @ Indy – See Arian Foster’s week 1 performance vs Indy…Bradshaw won’t duplicate it, but he is a solid start as little brother Eli looks to keep big brother Peyton off the field by establishing the running game.
  3. Jahvid Best vs Philly – I know Stafford is out, which means Detroit will have to lean on the running game more and Philly knows this too, but I just think this kid will tear it up on that fast track this week.  He will be a factor in the passing game to with lots of check-downs to him.
  4. Randy Moss @ NYJ – I know he will be visiting Revis Island, but Revis has a tight hammy and look for the Pats to try to exploit that or at least test it a bunch.
  5. Aaron Rodgers vs Buffalo – You know you’re starting him anyway even after a ho-hum performance last week @ Philly, but at home vs the Bills?  Forgetaboutit…Rodgers will blow up!

Don’t Like

  1. Jay Cutler @ Dallas – I really hope Jay makes it out of this game alive.  If he does, that will be a win for the Bears.  Of course, I hope I am dead wrong!
  2. Cedric Benson vs Baltimore – Until I see someone have a good game against Baltimore, it would be hard to start any RB against them.  They looked AWESOME last week!
  3. Knowshon Moreno vs Seattle – The Seattle D held Frank Gore in check last week and now Moreno might be splitting carries with newly acquired Lawerence Maroney.
  4. Matt Schaub @ Washington – The Washington D impressed me last week with how they contained Tony Romo and the Cowboys, plus I expect a heavy dose of Arian Foster that will cut into Schaub’s totals.
  5. Percy Harvin vs Miami – I bet you thought you had a steal when you drafted Harvin in the mid rounds of your draft, well think again…between migranes and leg problems, this kid has to prove he can stay on the field before I can trust him.

Now, on to the trade I made.  It involves my team that I shared with you last week.  I told you I was able to play a TE as my flex and I had both Dallas Clark and Vernon Davis.  So, I decided to move Clark and Jay Cutler for some stability at the QB position and netted myself one Peyton Manning.  Let me know what you think in the poll below.


The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done!

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