Bears-Packers Rivalry: Charles Martin Slams Jim McMahon (Video)


In one of the most dirties plays of all time, Charles Martin slams Jim McMahin and a hatred was born.   As a young, impressionable kid back in 1986, the Bears meant everything to me.  The 1985 season had changed the course of my life forever.  The Super Bowl Bears shuffled their way into my heart and would never leave.

I remembered a few rough hits between the Bears and Packers during that ’85 season, like Walter Payton getting ridden out of bounds and over the bench and Matt Suhey getting popped with a late hit just for standing around but I had no idea of the backdrop for these plays.  I had no frame of reference.

Back then, I didn’t really know about the Bears-Packers rivalry.  My parents were immigrants so I didn’t have the advantage of being taught about the rivalry from birth.  I had to learn about the rivalry firsthand.  Then this play in 1986 happened and my hatred for all things green and gold was emblazoned in me forever.

Yes, it’s the Charles Martin body slam of Jim McMahon that ended Jimmy Mac’s 1986 season and effectively ended the Bears’ hopes of a repeat trip to the Super Bowl.

Martin wore his hit list on a towel that included the Bears players he wanted to take a run at.  No, seriously.  Check it out.

That fucking coward picked McMahon up way after the play was over and slammed him to the Soldier Field turf.  The piece of shit Packers couldn’t hope to compete with the Bears, so they were reduced to taking cheap shots at the Bears.  From that day forward, anything and everything Packers is viewed through the prism of that play.    That’s why I hate the Packers and you should too.