Dhani Jones Leaves Brian Urlacher Off His Top 10 Linebackers List


It’s been a while since I’ve dusted off the LOWER THE BOOM graphic and really let someone have it.  I’ve been going to the same anger management classes as Carlos Zambrano but like him, every once in a while I’ll snap.  The idiot who has drawn my ire today is Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones.

The bow-tie wearing buffoon was on the NFL Network and giving his list of the Top 10 linebackers in the NFL.  Not only did this punk rank himself #7 on the list, but he left Chicago Bears future Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher off the list completely.

That’s bad enough, but when the Warren Sapp and Co questioned him on his omission of Urlacher, he said:

"“When was the last time Brian Urlacher got off a block?”"

To see the video, go check it out through Shutdown Corner by clicking here.  To read some stats about Urlacher and Jones, hit it after the jump.

Urlacher and Jones were both selected in the 2000 NFL draft but that’s where many of the similarities end.

  • Jones was a 6th round selection by the New York Giants while Urlacher was the #9 selection overall.
  • Jones has bounced around four teams (Giants, Eagles, Saints and Bengals) while Urlacher has been a staple in the middle of the Bears’ defense for his entire career.
  • Urlacher has nearly 1200 tackles through his career while Jones barely has 900.
  • Which of Dhani Jones’ 9.5 sacks is your favorite?  Urlacher has 41.5 in a defense where his main responsibility on passing downs is covering the deep middle of the field.
  • Speaking of coverage, Urlacher has 18 INT’s to Jones’ 5.  Url also has 64 passes defensed to Jones’ 39.
  • Jones has been to as many Pro Bowls as I have, which would be zero.  Urlacher has 7 Pro Bowls, 4 First Team All Pro selections, 1 Second Team All Pro Selection, a rookie of the Year, a Defensive Player of the Year just to name a few of his accomplishments.  Jones hosts some dumb new adventure TV show and has three All Big Ten selections back when grunge was still high fashion.

It’s laughable for this journeyman punk to put himself in the Top 10 of NFL linebackers much less ahead of Brian Urlacher.   The best part of the NFL Network video clip was at the end when Sapp sprayed his Top 10 list with Febreeze “so it wouldn’t stink anymore.”  At least they got that right.