Potential Defensive Free Agent Targets for the Chicago Bears

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Brandon Carr

The Bears have exactly two cornerbacks signed at the moment, Peanut Tillman and nickel back DJ Moore, so they will need to add to this positional group whether through the draft or free agency.  Carr hits the market because the Chiefs put the franchise tag on Dwayne Bowe.  Here’s a scouting report on Carr from ESPN.com:

"Comment: Carr has prototypical size and above-average straight-line speed along with long arms that allow him to use his hands to jam or re-route receivers after the release. He is a physical cornerback who works to disrupt receivers in their routes, throwing off the timing between the receiver and quarterback. He is improving his ability to recognize routes and watch quarterbacks’ eyes from off coverage and will close on the ball with a good short burst. He has a tendency to bite on double moves and looks a little tight in the hips when he has to turn and run with receivers on deep routes. He is a good tackler but will try to knock ball carriers down at times rather than wrap up and tackle."

Cortland Finnegan

This could be a bit of a gamble, but with high risk comes high reward.  The bet here is whether you get the former Pro Bowler or the good who’s getting into fights while battling top wide receivers.  For my money,  I like a corner with a bit of an attitude.  With the strong leadership in the Bears’ defensive huddle, I think it’s a risk worth taking.  Here’s what PFW had to say:

"Positives: Finnegan plays fast and instinctively. He is a fearless, fully capable run defender who tackles soundly. Finnegan’s physicality at the line allows him to jam and reroute receivers. He displayed the versatility this past season to line up as a nickel corner and be used as a blitzer, as well as in man and zone coverage. Finnegan has good ball skills and great toughness. His ability to agitate opposing wide receivers can be an advantage as well as a detriment. He was a tone setter for the defense last season. Negatives: He is not a leader and oftentimes is more concerned about his own well-being than the rest of his team. Finnegan’s temper and lack of poise at times can lead to silly penalties. He lacks fluidity in his hips and does not possess elite recovery speed. He sometimes can lose track of his man. He does not always play disciplined. Risk factor: Is Finnegan the Boy Scout who appeared to turn over a new leaf last season, or a guy who was able to temper his emotions just long enough to earn a new deal? That is the question teams must ask before they prepare to court the talented but volatile Finnegan. He is a Pro Bowl-caliber talent who displayed poor leadership skills and communication skills prior to last season. Buyer beware."

So which defensive player would you like to see the Bears target?  Would you want them to go after Williams if it means they can’t get a top wide receiver?  Do you think they can draft key defensive players or would you rather have them go after a proven free agent?  Let’s hear from you in the Comments.