Greetings from Coach Boss


David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Doug Bosted but just about everyone calls me Coach Boss, or just Boss. I am an avid Bears fan in a family of avid Bears fans. I was a Bears baby growing up in the 80’s and some of my first memories are of watching Bears games on TV. When I got married, our wedding colors were navy blue, orange and white. I cannot stand to see the colors green and yellow together at any time. And I wanted to give our children good solid names like Nagurski Butkus Bosted but my wife vetoed that.

I am a coach. But full disclosure; I am not (currently) a football coach. I coach high school track & field. Being a coach is about building relationships and connecting with people. Yes the strategy and X’ and O’s part is important, but it’s the personal connections and relationships that set the great coaches apart from the crowd. Coaching is also about teaching; you cannot teach what you don’t know or believe.

I bleed Bears blood but I will call a spade, a spade. I am all about what is right not what is popular. I look forward to getting to know Bears Nation and interacting with you.