Your Chicago Bears Morning Links for 9/6/13


Good morning Bears fans and welcome to Bear Dawn!  Now that we’re in regular season mode, we’re making a commitment to provide you with some fun and interesting Chicago Bears links to start your day of web browsing.

How ’bout those world champion Baltimore Ravens?!?!  They sure took it in the moon, eh?  Thank you Peyton Manning for ruining my first week of Fantasy Football.  Yes, I was going against him.

Former Bears GM Jerry Angelo thinks Jay Cutler is a Potential Franchise Quarterback. In fact, he’d bet his job on it. Oh wait.  As a matter of fact, Angelo has his own Facebook page.  Head over there and give him a like.

Deadspin dug up an old Playboy interview with Dick Butkus.  It’s an old article and the references are a bit dated, but here’s just one exchange from the article:

"“Don’t you ever get bored? Don’t you think of retiring from this grind?”“No way!”“But what do you get from it? It’s got to be very frustrating. Why do you play?”“Hell. That’s like asking a guy why he fucks.”"

If that’s not enough to get you to check it out, I don’t know what will.

Hunter Hillenmeyer takes offense to his Madden rankings.  No, seriously.  I guess that’s what you do when you’re like 30-something and retired.

Jay Cutler spoke to the media today.  That’s always newsworthy. Watch the video.

MagicUno put together a rap video about Kyle Long:

But it doesn’t end there. Kyle Long saw the clip and offered the guy two tickets to Sunday’s game.

Prediction time!

The Sun Times staff makes their Bears predictions.

So did ESPN Chicago’s staff, with slightly more optimistic views than a couple of the Sun Times guys.

The Chicago Tribune did a blockbuster NFL and Bears picks infographic.  I gotta get me one of those.

In case you missed it, the Bear Goggles Staff made our Bears predictions and NFL picks too, but not with the fancy graphics.  Hey, at least we don’t require a subscription.

The Chicago Tribune’s Ed Sherman takes a look at some of the national broadcasters and media types’ views on the Beloved.

We welcomed a new writer Mike Flannery to the team. Welcome him, won’t you?