Cutty’s Corner ~ Miami scuttles Bears offense

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"Update: Belichick on Jay Cutler: “Jay’s a guy that can make all the throws, can hurt you in so many ways. He doesn’t get enough credit for his athletic ability, his ability to run and extend plays. He certainly uses all of his receivers. He has good field vision, has a good arm, quick release, athletic in the pocket. “Seems like a smart guy. Does a good job with the checks and change in protections and recognizing pressure defenses and being able to get the offense into the right call or protection to handle it. I don’t know the ins and outs of that, but just watching it on film, you see him do that numerous times. He sees what the defense is in and then makes some kind of adjustment and the offense is able to handle that situation. “I think the production that he’s had has been substantial this year and through the years. He’s a dangerous guy who can get the ball to any of those skill players, and they can get a lot of yards or get it into the endzone in a hurry. We’ll have to do a good job trying to defend him and all the skill players he has around him.’"