Bears vs Vikings: Top 5 Reasons to Watch the Season Finale

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Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

2. Cutler’s Last Stand?

After his benching in Week 16, it’s quite possible that the Vikings game could be Cutler’s last stand in a Bears uniform.  Perhaps the biggest question that will be left to be answered leading up to the start of the league year in March when the next chunk of guaranteed money kicks in is whether the Bears will bring Cutler back in 2015.  For my money, you tell your prospective head coaching candidates that working with Cutler is not a prerequisite to taking the job.  If they can work with him for a year to see if they can fix him, great.  If not, send him packing.  Cutler should not stand in the way of getting the right head coach.

But I’ll say this – who else are you going to get?  If the Bears had a succession plan in place, it would easier to get rid of Cutler.  But if you’re choosing between Clausen, Fales, a draft pick and Cutler, I’ll take Cutler.  The free agent class is headed up by Mark Sanchez and Brian Hoyer, I’ll stick with Cutler.  It’s unlikely the Bears can trade Cutler because he costs too much.  You don’t want to see low.  I’d rather see if he can bounce back and raise his value.