Super Bowl XLIX Planning: Step 2 – Menu

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From Food Network

Dessert Options:

From Ina Garten as posted by Food Network

A.     Coconut cupcakes

B.     Peanut butter football cookies

C.     Pineapple upside down cake

Any of the options above are awesome! I picked this over-the-top coconut cupcake because it is just that. Even for people who oppose coconut, will love these. The cookies are just fun regardless if children will be at your party or not. And everyone, for the most part, loves that combination of peanut butter and chocolate. Another comforting classic is a pineapple upside down cake. With the caramelized, buttery pineapple and a moist yellow cake, who could object? Be sure to pick-up a good vanilla ice cream to really push this dessert into the end zone.

Food Set-up Ideas:

From BuzzFeed by Peggy Wang

There are other set-up ideas that you may want to use in your planning. Check out Peggy Wang’s article for additional tips than the ones listed below.

1.     Leave the chips in their bags.

2.     Have a beer tasting during the pre-game coverage. Use black craft paper and chalk to mark the various types of beers. This way, the O’s are the tasting cups and the X’s could be if individuals do not like a beer.

3.     For the drinks, tie a bottle opener to the drink tub, cooler or even washing machine.

4.     Use the empty drink boxes to label drink options.

5.     Use laundry hampers for extra garbage cans. Be sure to label which ones are for trash and for recycling.  Also, line these hampers and your actual garbage cans with multiple bags; this will save time and maybe encourage some guests to help with the cleanup throughout the party.

6.     If you need anything cold, use the outdoors. Frequently I use the stoop going out to the patio in my backyard to chill wine, cans of soda, liters of juice or anything else, usually a beverage, so it will not take up my refrigerator space.

From the BuzzFeed Staff

Buffet Set-up:

Whenever I have a buffet, which is about 99% of the time I entertain, I usually have a designated space for the service. It should be a separate table or counter, or both depending on how much room you have to work with and with the number of dishes you plan to serve, with all chairs removed. (You do not want to encourage someone’s seat to eat is at the buffet itself – gross!)

Before a party, I gather all of my serving pieces, plates (be it paper or my finest china), utensils, napkins (dinner and dessert sizes), and decorations. With the serving pieces, I do label each one with a Post-it note as to what it will be used for. This helps me grab what I need as I finish each dish.

Now if you want to really show your football spirit, why not serve your food out of a homemade stadium? Check out this BuzzFeed article with step-by-step instructions.

With the variety of menu options and planning ahead of time, you should be able to enjoy the Super Bowl yourself and not be tied to the kitchen stove cooking all night listening to the cheers, boos and laughter of your guests. You better be in their enjoying the game, food and beverages with them! Otherwise, why else would anyone have a party? To be a servant? No way! So be sure to act like a coach and get your playbook set for February 1.