Chicago Bears News: John Fox is Just Lovie 2.0 and More


Welcome to the latest installment of Bear Dawn. Here’s the latest Chicago Bears news for Tuesday July 7, 2015.

Is Chicago Bears head coach John Fox little more than Lovie Smith 2.0?  Da Bears Beat thinks so and has the stats to back it up:

"The Bears have a defensive-minded head coach who couples a below-average offense with an above-average defense, beats the teams he should, loses to the top teams, and ends up right around average.  Sound familiar?Fox is Lovie.  Lovie is Fox.In 10 seasons as a head coach, Lovie Smith is 83-77; in 10 seasons without Peyton Manning, John Fox is 81-79.  Fox’s offenses have scored about 2.3 points less than expected, while his defenses have given up 1.1 points fewer than expected.  For Lovie, those numbers are 1.7 and 2.1, indicating that his offenses have been slightly less bad than Fox’s and his defense’s a good bit better."

Dan Durkin starts his Bears positional breakdown with the Bears defensive line, which doesn’t look to good from his point of view:

"This is a young, unsettled group, with mismatched pieces and skill sets. There are some developmental prospects on the roster, but as a whole this group will likely struggle to stop the run and provide inconsistent pressure against the pass. Looking ahead, the defensive line projects to be a top priority heading into the 2016 season."

Could the Bears be a Top-10 offense?

The Bears website helps us get to know different positional coaches and coordinators.  First up, offensive coordinator Adam Gase.

"“I really enjoyed being around it and it was kind of becoming an obsession of mine,” Gase said. “The great thing was there were a lot of good guys that were letting me help and the coaches would give me a lot of work to do, so I was able to grow through four years. It was almost like an undergraduate [program] for learning all the ins and outs of coaching.”"

#15 in Chicago Football’s Bear Necessities is a newcomer to the defense, Jarvis Jenkins.

Jets quarterback Geno Smith called Brandon Marshall a quarterback’s best friend.  Just wait til you airmail a few Geno.

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