Chicago Bears Prop Bets 2016

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Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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Chicago Bears Team

1) Season Wins: Over/ Under: 7.5

OVER- And now the big dog, the total season wins. Let’s run through the Bears schedule and see what we have. Within the division, I would say it’s quite reasonable for the Bears to sweep the Lions and split with the Vikings & the Packers. This would be 4 – 2 in the NFC North. Just for the heck of it let’s say they get swept by either the Vikes or the Pack just to play it safe. That’s still 3 wins in the division.

The Bears also play the NFC East and AFC South this year. The Eagles are a lock for a Bears victory, and I find it extremely doubtful that the Bears will lose to the Giants, Cowboys, and Washington. So a conservative prediction has the Bears going 2-2 against the NFC East. Keeping a running score this brings the Bears to 5-5 with 6 games left.

Next: Chicago Bears Vs Houston Texans

I know lot’s of people are predicting the Jaguars to take a big step forward but this is one that I will need to see to believe. We chalk the Jags up as a win for the Bears. I also feel pretty comfortable to chalk up the Titans game as a win, and between the Colts and the Texans that should be a split. Again, trying to be conservative let’s say that the Bears only go 2-2 against the AFC South. That brings us to 7-7.

The Bears schedule rounds out with the 49ers and the Buccaneers. Nothing brings comfort to a bet cover like playing possibly the worst team in the league, yes the 49ers could possibly be worse than the Cleveland Browns. The Buccaneers still have a number of problems to solve before they are a complete team which makes them a very winnable game for the Bears as well, but that would just be a bonus. In this conservative scenario, the win over the 49ers puts the Bears in the over, and that’s what we all want to hear. On a personal note, I’m picking the Bears to win 9 games this year.

Bear Down Bears fans, Bear Down.