Bears training camp preview: Guard

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 19: Josh Sitton /

What does each offensive guard need to show in training camp?

Every season starts a new chapter for every player in the NFL. This is their year to make the most out of it. For the Bears, there is a chance to have a really strong unit at the guard position. What does each player need to show in training camp to further solidify that spot?

Kyle Long and Josh Sitton

Long and Sitton can be grouped together because they are in the same situation. The Bears are going to experiment swapping Sitton from the left side to the right and Long from the right to the left. Sitton has played some on the right side, but Long has never played on the left side. Their development, along with their familiarity and growth through the shift will be one of the most important watches in all of camp.

Eric Kush

Kush has a chance to lock down the swing guard spot for the foreseeable future. Kush was a center and was signed due to disparity, but he thrived in his limited time on the field last season. If he can show a step forward in growth, strength, and familiarity with the offense, he should be a trusted asset that will stick around the team.

Cyril Richardson

Richardson is going to have to show better movement. He is a heavier set guard and is not a player who can shine in space. Most of the reason as to why the Bears are moving Long from right to left is so that they can pull him more. If Richardson cannot pull he can only fill in for Sitton which really limits his value.

Jordan Morgan

Morgan is a former tackle that the Bears are looking to move to guard. There is going to be a steep learning curve and a lot of room for progression for the rookie. If Morgan struggles early the fans cannot get too down on him and have to understand he is a long term investment, not a quick hitter.

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Mitchell Kirsch

Kirsch, like Morgan, is a small school tackle who has to move to guard. He is another player whose situation has to be understood before judging. If he hits snags in the road it is no reason to lose faith, but you have to look for him to learn and understand where and how he has to improve.