Training Camp Battle: Mike Glennon vs Mitch Trubisky

PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 27: Mitchell Trubisky of North Carolina visits the SiriusXM NFL Radio talkshow after being picked
PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 27: Mitchell Trubisky of North Carolina visits the SiriusXM NFL Radio talkshow after being picked /

In what will be the most watched training camp battle in the NFL, Mitch Trubisky and Mike Glennon take aim at QB1 for the Chicago Bears.

The NFL Network has called it the number one training camp battle in the entire NFL. And while this battle may not seem totally open to competition, what Chicago Bears’ fans watch in August will absolutely impact who is playing Sundays in September and beyond.

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Rookie QB Mitch Trubisky will square off against newcomer Mike Glennon for the QB1 spot for the Bears. Both players arrived to Chicago with a modicum of controversy.

For Glennon, it was the contract. The Bears signed Glennon to a 3-year, $45 million contract and fans and analysts snapped at the Bears calling them dopes for committing to such a mediocre player. But once the guaranteed money surfaced and everyone realized that Ryan Pace had only committed to Glennon for one season, cooler heads prevailed.

The Trubisky pick was criticized after the Bears gave up a sizable load to move up one selection to grab their man. Would he have been there at three? We will never know, but Pace believes he found the franchise QB the Bears have been desperate for and he didn’t chance losing him.

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However we arrived where we did doesn’t matter at this point. It’s Glennon vs Trubisky and Bears’ fans should be excited about the great unknown.

This battle is unique because we already know week one vs Atlanta will have Glennon as QB1, Mark Sanchez at QB2 and Trubisky at QB3. What this battle will be about is performance and how long Glennon can hold onto his job.

Glennon knows he has to prove his status as starting QB every week. Any time he slips, the Trubisky rumbles will get louder. He he really struggles, there will be an outright roar for Trubisky.

Glennon also knows if he plays at a high level, the job will be his for this season and possibly even next. Worst case for Glennon in this case would be that he plays well, and is traded to a team in 2018 where he will be given the starting job week one.

It’ll be quite a long shot for Glennon to pull that off. Trubisky is a quick learner and has had high praise from Bears’ coaches this far.

We have heard the rumors that Trubisky might already be better than Glennon and while practices have been closed, now that the Bears have reported to training camp, everyone will see how the two QBs stack up.

Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears /

Chicago Bears

Odds are, Glennon will be serviceable and start for a couple of months before giving way to the rookie. At season’s end, Glennon will be released and sign on somewhere as a quality QB2.

No one knows how good Trubisky is or how good he will be. There’s no point to concern yourself with that now. This is a rebuilding year for Chicago. Before anyone has Super Bowl aspirations, fans can sit back and see what the kid can do. The Bears haven’t had a young quarterback with these type of skills since Jim McMahon.

How good will Trubisky be? No one knows, but first he has to beat out Mike Glennon and that will certainly be fun to watch.