Enough is enough with Mike Glennon

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 10: Mike Glennon
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 10: Mike Glennon /

The Chicago Bears need to understand where they are as a franchise and move on from Mike Glennon.

The Bears as a team did not play well as a whole in Week Two. The line did not look strong, the receivers are well known to be the team’s weakness, and Jameis Winston sat in clean pockets and waited for separation that was sure to come. Still, most of the team’s shortcomings start at the most important position, the quarterback. The team has to understand where they are as a franchise and move on from Mike Glennon.

To start, everyone seems to agree by now that Mitchell Trubisky is straight up a better player at this moment in time. That does not need to be discussed anymore.

Now, the people who back the decision of Glennon have a few other arguments; “the offensive line and wide receivers would get him killed, it could hurt his confidence to lose, and he is not ready for game reps. This has worked with Aaron Rodgers, and Philip River so it is not a terrible idea.”

First, the biggest knock on Trubisky is his lack of game reps. It is backward to think that by not giving him game reps that you are helping a player who needs game reps. Second, if he is better than Glennon then he is elevating his teammates more than Glennon. Trubisky has the pocket mobility that Glennon does not. That means Trubisky is not as easy of a target to pin down. This helps the offensive line. Trubisky is also not afraid to give his receivers a chance, which Glennon continuously fails to do. Instead of looking at it as his teammates getting him hurt, think of it as your number two overall pick making his teammates look better.

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The second argument is the most frustrating. Aaron Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre. Rivers sat behind Drew Brees. These players were not sitting around on a losing team behind Mike Glennon. If they are not competing, and they are developing their future quarterback, what are they doing? It will be a weekly subject, it will not change next week and it will continue to be one of the most mismanaged situations in the NFL.