Chicago Bears Week Two: Five Takeaways

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10: Mike Glennon
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10: Mike Glennon /

Going on the second game filled with interceptions, injuries, turnovers,…really? Is this what the Bears are made of? What are the coaches teaching these them?

CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 10: Tarik Cohen /

One – Running back Tarik Cohen

After an impressive first game with one touchdown, 66 rushing yards, 47 receiving yards, the pressure may have come down on this rookie. As shown by his first quarter turnover where three Bucs swarmed around him like vultures zeroing in on their prey. The minute he touched that ball, he was dead meat. Where were the other Bears? They were being smart, and faraway leaving Cohen to make this error. Why did he touch that ball? Despite being a fish swimming upstream in the second half, he managed to receive 55 yards…but these yards provided zero help since the secret is out…he can play.

CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 10: Kendall Wright
CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 10: Kendall Wright /

Two – Wide receiver Kendall Wright

Up until the final two minutes of the first half, Wright caught four passes for 34 yards, the longest being 11 that the team desperately needed. Then out he went with an arm injury…maybe he should have stayed out. Wright dropped the pass twice in the fourth quarter. Maybe from the injury? Maybe from having butterfingers?

Three – Outside linebacker Leonard Floyd

Through most of the game, defense appeared to not provide enough pressure. But half way through the third quarter, Floyd seized an opportunity on a fumble for a turnover. It was about time we get one of these. Then he assisted on two sacks in some sort of effort to hold the Bucs; too little, too late.

CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 10: Brooks Reed /

Four – Quarterback Mike Glennon

During quarter one his pass was intercepted. During second quarter, on the second drive, he was sacked and the ball went pop! Right out of his hands and into the Bucs’ for a touchdown. After the third drive, a second interception, for yet another Bucs’ touchdown. His pass rating dropped like ball he threw from a 86.8 in game one, to 76.3 in game two.

CHICAGO, IL – AUGUST 10: Deonte Thompson
CHICAGO, IL – AUGUST 10: Deonte Thompson /

Five – Wide receiver Deonte Thompson

At least he was in the end zone for Glennon’s third attempt (and possible interception) to get them on the board. With a 4 for 5 receiving for 57 yards, he is the only hope the Bears have left. Really…Thompson has Josh Bellamy, Tanner Gentry, Wright, all three couldn’t catch the flu let alone a football.

So our options are limited. The coaches have no choice but to work with what they have. Maybe that’s why John Fox is keeping Mitchel Trubsky away? Hoping he’ll suffer with an injury as well? I don’t know if we would be that lucky.