Markus Wheaton looks to debut in “revenge game” spot

aPITTSBURGH, PA - OCTOBER 09: Markus Wheaton
aPITTSBURGH, PA - OCTOBER 09: Markus Wheaton /

Markus Wheaton has the chance for a big game in his Chicago Bears debut

With the release of Tanner Gentry back to the practice squad combined with Wheaton being a full participant, all signs are pointing towards Markus Wheaton being active in ready to play in Week Three. This game should mean a little something to Wheaton, as he gets to square off with the team that drafted him and just let him walk in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This is could not come at a perfect time for the Bears. Wheaton is a player who stretches the field and can make contested catches on the sideline. That is something that the team has seriously been lacking over the past two weeks, With no respect for the deep threats, the majority of the field is shut down. The team will have to go to Wheaton early, not to fit the narrative, but to earn respect from the Steelers safeties.

Speaking, of the narrative, there is a small trend with the last two draftees that the Steelers let go. Mike Wallace had two poor games in Miami and Minnesota against the Steelers. However, with the Ravens Wallace finished his revenge game with four catches for 124 yards and a touchdown.

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Emmanuel Sanders had a huge game against the team that drafted him. He put up 10 catches for 181 yards and a touchdown. He did with Brock Osweiler too, so do not excuse Mike Glennon if Wheaton does not fit the narrative.

The narrative is there. The need and opportunity are there. Wheaton should be in great shape because he has only been sitting out with a finger injury. There is a chance that Wheaton can spark the offense and show his old team like his two former teammates. Hopefully, Wheaton can fit the mold in Week Three.