Chicago Bears safety Adrian Amos could thrive next to Eddie Jackson

GREENBAY, WI - OCTOBER 20: Free safety Adrian Amos
GREENBAY, WI - OCTOBER 20: Free safety Adrian Amos /

Adrian Amos performed well and showed his true skill set in his fist start of 2017 for the Chicago Bears.

When Chicago Bears fans hear the name Adrian Amos they think of his poor coverage skills as well as big plays allowed over the past two seasons and cringe. However, there is a reason that he hung on to a starting job for two years and he showed some of that skill set off on Thursday, stepping in for an injured Quintin Demps.

For as bad as Amos was at defending the deep ball, his partner Harold Jones-Quartey was worse. Amos took the bullet so that Jones-Quartey could play more underneath, and downhill,  Amos would play the deep middle.

However, with Amos next to rookie Eddie Jackson, Jackson is a player who can move around in playing cover-one. It gives Amos the ability to keep things in front of him and play downhill in coverage. He posted 7.5 tackles on Thursday and could be a solid fit with Jackson as the two get comfortable with each other.

On two occasions, he came in downhill and made swift tackles on Martellus Bennett. This is where Amos is at his best and needs to be used in coverage.

Those two receptions added up for just six yards. Below is likely the best play Amos made of the night. It was third down with eight to go. Jackson was playing deep and Amos was playing under.

Amos sees where Aaron Rodgers is going. He steps up and makes the play, holding Bennett to just seven yards. The Packers punted.

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Amos has the experience and always has been a sure tackler. In a role where is he not responsible for the deep middle he should be much more comfortable. Quintin Demps was place on the Injured Reserve the day after the game. Amos will certainly get to start for the next 12 games as long as he is healthy. Amos and Jackson could be able to form together as a formidable duo with strengths that mesh well with each other.