The Bears Season Seems Lost, But Here are 5 Reasons to Stay Tuned

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Head coach John Fox of the Chicago Bears exchanges words with line judge Bart Longson
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Head coach John Fox of the Chicago Bears exchanges words with line judge Bart Longson /

Chicago Bears fans need a reason to watch their 3-9 team for the rest of the season. I’ll give you 5 reasons to tune into Bears football.

With only 4 games remaining in the regular season for the 3-9,  Chicago Bears many fans are feeling apathetic towards their team. The desire to sit down and watch Bears football on Sunday is at an all-time low. With a head coach in John Fox who is on the way out, coupled with a beat-up roster, it’s not easy being a Bears fan these days. Here are 5 reasons why Bears fans should make it a priority to watch the rest of the season.

5.) Bears Victories: The combined record of the Bears next 4 opponents is 21-27. Including a home game against the 0-12 Cleveland Browns on Christmas Eve. If the Bears want to separate themselves the perennial bottom dwellers then they must beat them. Coupled with winnable road games at Bengals, and at Lions, it is reasonable to feel the Bears could get to 6 wins.

4.) Bears Losses: For Bears fans hoping to tank, losing these next 4 games is also a reason to watch. If the Bears lose most of these games, you can make the argument its whats best for the direction of the franchise. The Bears go into 2018 with a top 3 pick (which you could flip for more picks) and confidence in your young QB.

3.) Jordan Howard:  Howard has the chance to accomplish back to back 1,300-yard seasons, and deserves fan support to make his 2nd Pro Bowl appearance.

2.) Akiem Hicks: Hicks, like Howard, is having a career year. With 7 sacks and 31 total tackles, Hicks has been the best player on the Bears all year long. Hicks has battled injuries as well and deserves to be a Pro Bowler. Hicks signed a big contract, and now he looks like GM Ryan Pace’s best signing.

1.) Mitchell Trubisky: Obviously we all knew who would take the top spot for why you should watch the rest of the Bears season. Trubisky’s the future of the franchise, his play will determine the Bears direction over the next decade. Mitchell must improve on his accuracy.  He has built a good connection with Dontrelle Inman, but must continue to grow with his young tight end Adam Shaheen. Health is crucial too, so Trubisky’s offseason is about growth, not rehab.

Prioritize winning.

John Fox will be fired in my opinion regardless of if the Bears end up 7-9 or 3-13. Winning can set the tone for a big 2018. Its time for the Bears to separate themselves from the Cleveland Browns of the world. How can they do that? Win.