Mitchell Trubisky reading progressions

CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 10: Mitchell Trubisky
CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 10: Mitchell Trubisky /

Mitchell Trubisky is getting better every week

At the beginning of the season, there actually were people who thought that it was a smart idea to start Mike Glennon. Even crazier? The Chicago Bears spent the entire preseason acting as if Mike Glennon was the starter, and did not give their rookie a chance to have repetition against starting defenses.

As it turns out, players get better by spending time on the field and digesting the speed of the game. The speed of the game was clearly something that bothered Trubisky early into his career. He looked frantic in the pocket and he hardly made an progressions. However, as the game slowed down for Trubisky, he has become a better player. Now, he is showing off the traits, and the savvy that comes with experience on Sunday.

Below, Trubisky is looking to his left immediately. Even in a slow-motion look, you can see he is quick to get off of that one. Now, he is working the middle of the field. He knows Dion Sims is running an in and Kendall Wright a cross. Trubisky is reading Vincey Rey, 57. Whichever player he latches onto, Trubisky is looking at the other spot. If he steps up onto Wright, Trubisky is looking to get it to Sims underneath of Iloka, the deep safety. However, as shown below, Rey gets latched onto Sims and the two travel upfield together. Trubisky sees Rey take those two steps back to run with Sims and he immediately fires to Wright underneath for a completion.

People worried about his offensive line, but all it did was teach him pocket presence and showed off his mobility. People worried about his wide receivers, but it taught him to quickly shift from read to read and make players better. Trubisky should have been given the chance to go through the preseason as the preemptive starter.

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Fortunately, the team admitted its mistake early and the team has been able to watch their future get better. The game should only slow down for Trubisky more, and the results should begin to look better as the team now has an offseason with a chance to build a team around him.