Will you watch the Pro Bowl?

Without any Chicago Bears even participating in the game, is the Pro Bowl anything you are interested in at all?

Let’s face it, the Pro Bowl is a joke of a game these days. It is seven on seven in half speed where every once in a while you get to a see a solid catch by a wide receiver. Heck, by the time Derek Carr was added to the list, you started to get the feeling that if he backed out, Mitchell Trubisky could have been next in line to get a call.

The game is no fun, the stars do not show up, and well, this year, there are not any Chicago Bears showing up. The team was shunned by the Pro Bowl, which is wrong, but also sad to think about.

Akiem Hicks should have been a Pro Bowl lineman. However, now it is probably a good thing he does not play. If they did not want him the first time, then  he does not want them either.

So, with no Chicago Bears, Derek Carr, who had the worst season of his career, and other decent players being in the Pro Bowl, and the lack of effort, will the Pro Bowl be something you watch?

The answer for me is no. What is the point? There is plenty of good television on worth watching. Heck, has prospect tape of over 100 prospects going into the NFL draft. Watch 10 wide receivers that the Bears may draft instead of the bogus Pro Bowl.

What do you think, will you watch the Pro Bowl?