Chicago Bears safety Adrian Amos receiving offseason praise

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 11: Adrian Amos
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 11: Adrian Amos /

Chicago Bears safety Adrian Amos has been praised by multiple prominent football following resources

Safety play is always tough to judge when watching a game on television. He is always the first player cut out of the screen, and it is tough to tell what his particular assignment is on every given play. That is why when you ask your casual Chicago Bears fan about Adrian Amos, you get a mixed response. When you watch the tape watcher, or the avid football follower, they tend to perk up to the name of Amos.

In fact, both Bleacher Report, and Pro Football Focus were very quick to heap praise down on Adrian Amos.

Pro Football Focus rate him as an All-Pro by their grading scale. Amos graded out as a 92, and was tied for fourth in yards allowed per coverage snap.

Bleacher Report doubled down on Amos and listed him as their top free safety in the NFL, rating an 81/100 on their scale.

BR wrote

"The Bears have one of the NFL’s better up-and-coming safety duos, and Adrian Amos has a lot to do with that. “Smash” rightfully earned his nickname. Amos had a phenomenal 2017. He was outstanding against the run and a sure tackler. In coverage, he showed the kind of awareness that can make him a league-wide star. The only complaint one might have was his lack of plays on the ball. That should come in time.—NFL1000 DB Scout, Kyle Posey               The first thing that stands out about Amos’ tape is his closing ability. He can cover huge swaths of ground in a big hurry, which allows him to make plays other safeties just can’t. His ball skills will improve as his backpedal gets a bit smoother and he’s able to match receivers with speed and pattern awareness downfield, but he’s shown a tremendous amount of potential in three NFL seasons.—NFL1000 Lead Scout Doug Farrar"

While it could be argued that Eddie Jackson is the free safety and Amos, being nicknamed smash and being praised for his closing and tackling ability is the strong safety, that is insignificant. What is significant is that Adrian Amos does his job better than almost any other safety in the NFL. It is true, Amos is beyond exceptional at what he does. The fit with Eddie Jackson put him in a role where his skill set is able to shine. It has done just that over the course of this season.

So, while some Chicago Bears fans may worry about safety this offseason, the Bears know that they will be heading back to camp with Jackson and Amos inked in as the starting duo.