Six Questions with Alshon Jeffery

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 21: Alshon Jeffery /

Alshon Jeffery chats with Bear Goggles On less than a week before Super Bowl 52.

Alshon Jeffery has spent the last season with the Philadelphia Eagles after spending the first part of his career with the Chicago Bears. He chatted with Bear Goggles on from Super Bowl 52 and reluctantly talked about his time with the Chicago Bears, and far less reluctantly about his first year with the Philadelphia Eagles. You can hear the conversation here.

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Alshon, when you were in Chicago last year, you said you were going to be in the Super Bowl, were you talking about you or the Bears?

I said that, but I never said the team (he says with a smile).

You had some rough seasons in Chicago, Alshon, but do you look back at them fondly?

I had some great seasons, and I love the Bears, but at the same time, I’m in Philly now.

When you entered free agency, was Philly the team were you hoping for or were you open to any team that was interested in your services?

No, Philly was always one of the teams I was looking at for sure.

Obviously when you came to Philly, you wanted to play with a great quarterback, now Carson [Wentz] was young, but what did you see in him as a rookie, I know you have Nick [Foles] now, but what did you see in Carson as a rookie where you said this is a quarterback I want to be with?

I think for a guy who took over the starting role in nine or eight days or whatever, that showed his character and that he was going to be great. I think, offensively, are philosophies are the same. He had an awesome season this year, unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, and things didn’t finish the way he wanted them to, but sky’s the limit for Carson, he’s the future of this league.

You’ve played for offensive and defensive coaches, how fun does Doug Pederson make it for you, for a guy that likes to go out there and let it rip?

It’s always fun with Coach P. He finds great ways to get us all involved, it’s always good.

Alshon, one more, a lot of Bears fans hope Mitch Trubisky is the next Carson Wentz. I know you guys handled the Bears pretty easily, but did you see anything where you think he could be a good quarterback in the future?

Best of luck to him, I wish him nothing but the best, but I play for the Eagles now. That’s out of my hands. I got no role in that. I wish him nothing but the best, and I’m sure he’s a great young man.