Chicago Bears: Roquan Smith: Fans Instantly React

Chicago Bears (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

Roquan Smith is the newest member of the Chicago Bears. How did the fans react?

The newest member of the Chicago Bears is Roquan Smith. The Georgia linebacker has turned heads with his dynamic play in the SEC and turned heads in the Bears organization as well. Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy and Vic Fangio are thrilled with their newest member of the team and everyone is putting high expectations on Smith as a rookie.

While experts loved the pick, did fans feel the same way? We go to social media (specifically Twitter) and check out some of the fan reactions from how the first round unfolded for the Bears and the ultimate selection of Smith.

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Not going to lie, it was HARD to find negative tweets about the Roquan Smith selection. You want to be objective and show both sides of the story but in this case, this selection is universally applauded by analysts and fans alike. People are expecting big things from Smith so hopefully, he steps up and lives up to the expectations.

No pick is a guarantee and usually it’s hope springs eternal on draft night because everybody’s first-round pick is headed to Canton and every move is the one that is going to help team’s make the next step, but it’s hard to find a selection as universally applauded as this one.

Bears fans are happy. They think they have found perhaps the next great linebacker in what is a proud tradition for the Chicago Bears’ franchise. Vic Fangio has added a key piece in what could become a top-notch unit this season.