PFF Analytics: Javon Wims is a deep field threat

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 25: Javon Wims /

Pro Football Focus sees Javon Wims as a wide receiver who can help in stretching the field

Javon Wims ran a 4.53 in the 40-yard dash. Do not get this mistaken for what type of player Javon Wims is. He is a jump ball wide receiver. He wins in similar ways to Alshon Jeffery, by boxing out and outreaching. He is a former basketball player.

However, when he does make his jump ball receptions, they are not always those four-yard touchdowns, in which you would assume is his use in the NFL. When he catches the football, he stretches the field.

In terms of yards per route, he ranked 23rd in the country. He ranked 18th in deep pass receptions and ranked 15th in the country in deep pass catch percentage, hauling in over 55% of his targets 20 yards down the field.

As shown in his PFF grading, across the board, he is a plus player.

He creates first downs, he gets big yards. His drop rate shows, but as highlighted in his deep field catch rate, for what he is needed to do, his drop rate is completely fine.

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This is a great fit for the Chicago Bears. A lot of people see Taylor Gabriel as a deep field threat, but he is a player who is better with the ball in his hands. Anthony Miller is extremely efficient from the slot but also is more of yards after the catch player. Allen Robinson is a huge target but is also efficient in the short passing game. Javon Wims is not a burner, but his ability to get down the field, box out his man and make plays has to draw respect. He can open things up.

I know, Javon Wims is a seventh-round pick. I know, Kevin White has to be ahead of him. However, do not mind me for thinking that Wims can do most of what Kevin White can without any of the injury risks. White is faster, he is a better athlete, Wims can get on the field.

He is a player that could definitely be worth keeping around and in the long term could be an excellent fourth wideout with the core of players assembled.