Ranking Chicago Bears UDFAs

BATON ROUGE, LA - NOVEMBER 28: Josh Reynolds
BATON ROUGE, LA - NOVEMBER 28: Josh Reynolds /

How would the Chicago Bears UDFAs rank in terms of potential relevance to the roster

Every year there is that one player that Chicago Bears fans ride for from the UDFA circuit to thrive within the organization. Let’s face it, the upside of a UDFA class is tiny. If one of these players makes the roster its a win. If a couple hang around the practice squad, you did what you could. With that said, in order from, toss him aside and don’t worry until you hear more to let’s follow him throughout mini-camps, here are the Chicago Bears top UDFA’s

13. Andrew Trumbetti, EDGE, Notre Dame

Andrew Trumbetti Profile

Trumbetti is here because he hustles all the time. He is going to fight for every last second for his job and push other players fighting for that same job to fight harder. That is about what he brings.

12. Olubmni Rotimi, DT, Old Dominion

As shown, he is not athletic enough to live on the edge. However, while he is over sized for the edge, he also is undersized for defensive tackle. He did not start playing foot until high school and is completely raw. It is tough to see enough upside to worry.

11. Michael Joseph, Cornerback, Dubuque

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Michael Joseph UDFA profile

When these small school kids get an invite to the combine and prove they belonged in another group, teams find a way to draft them. When they don’t, they fall to the bottom of UDFA lists. He has ball skills, but not the technique or athleticism.

10. Nyles Morgan, Linebacker, Notre Dame

Nyles Morgan UDFA profile

Morgan is a high character player with special teams upside. However, you do not want him out there on the defensive side of the ball, making it hard to entertain the idea.

9. Nick Orr, S, TCU

Nick Orr UDFA profile

Nick Orr has football bloodlines and a special teams background to give him a chance at the roster. It also is not like safety is a deep position right now. Still, he is the in the box version of DeAndre Houston-Carson on his best days.

8. Abdullah Anderson, DT, Bucknell

Of Rotimi and Anderson, give me Anderson. He is a more technically sound player, despite just one year of high school football play. He has a basketball background and is the better athlete. If there is an interior lineman to emerge, it should be Anderson

7. Cavon Walker, Maryland, Edge

Cavon Walker UDFA profile 

I will admit I might have pushed up some edge rushers due to the need right now. Still, Walker brings excitement. He is an off-ball linebacker who put on muscle to transition to the edge. With a year or so on the practice squad there could be something to emerge from the combination of speed and muscle.

6. Garrett Johnson, WR, Kentucky

Garrett Johnson UDFA Profile

The Chicago Bears added a lot to the wide receiver room, making it tough to justify Johnson this high. Still, Johnson projects highly favorably to a player with the skill set of Taylor Gabriel. If something were to happen in terms of injury, he could be the break in case of emergency player from the practice squad.

5. E.J. Norris, Edge, Shepherd

E.J. Norris UDFA profile

Norris started his career at NC State in 2012. It took twists and turns but this is likely his one shot. He is 24, so there is not much investing to do. However, he is technically sound with division one talent, so there definitely could be something here.

4. Ryan Nall, RB, Oregon State

Ryan Nall UDFA profile

Nall is a big, power running back who can be used out of the h-back role as well. His versatility is exactly what Matt Nagy likes, and if he can prove as a blocker, his versatility could put him in the discussion to beat out players such as Taquan Mizzel or Michael Burton.

3. Dejon Allen, G, Hawaii

Allen is a high upside prospect who chose to go to Hawaii as a four star recruit. He played every line position, but spent most his time at tackle. However, his reach will have him translating to guard. His versatility, athleticism and  pedigree are definitely intriguing on the interior. Plus, NFL.com compared him to Roberto Garza.

2. Rashard Fant, CB, Indiana

Rashard Fant UDFA profile

When we profiled late round slot cornerbacks, we profile Avonte Maddox, who was an undersized, but physical slot corner without ball production but will ball skills. While he went in round five to the Eagles, Fant profiles as the diet version as a UDFA. He is small but plays big. Fant can compete with CreVon LeBlanc next season.

1. Kevin Toliver, CB, LSU

Kevin Tolver UDFA profile 

Toliver was a prized prospect coming out of high school and heading to LSU. Injuries and off of the field issues held him back. Still, there is no doubting that when is in the right shape physically and mentally that he can play. The Bears gave him some decent guaranteed cash. That doesn’t happen for everyone. If he has a clean and productive camp, he can beat out Marcus Cooper.